Be part of the beginning of a new movement over the web.
World Wide Developers - Volunteers for Volunteers.

About Us

We are a group of IT professionals living in various countries across the globe.
We want to spread around the world our idea of free IT for nonprofits.

who we are

World Wide Developers grew from being enthusiastic about new technologies and the idea to share knowledge and skills through our own project. We gathered volunteers with different kind of skills like system administration, web design, web development, graphic design or marketing. With such a background, we can help nonprofit organizations bring their web being to a higher level.

idea + design + development =


Our energy and time put together to work things out for you


To make the process as smooth and easy as possible


Along with IT skills we are going to share a good mood


Our ultimate goal - to be supportive

what we do

The main goal of this project is to help nonprofit organizations within system administration and web development areas, to advise and support them.

01. setup

We setup enterprise-class stability and performance Virtual Private Servers as well as all the required web applications and tools that make our work easier and automated in some areas. Our configuration is powerful enough to handle up to 1000 users in a minute.

In order to provide resources to users with no downtime, we setup full 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure. We keep an eye on performance, behavior, CPU load, memory or disk usage.


02. development

Every organization receives help when it comes to the way how their website looks and behaves. We are making several tests to discover potential issues for further optimization. Those are changes to improve UX or SEO, performance, code to fix bugs or content.

Having graphic designers on board, we will help organizations to become more recognizable across the web. We will spend some time on their brand and visual part of their initiative.


03. support

Organizations will receive a care that covers any issue with functionality of the infrastructure or availability of resources. We will also give a guidance about how to use latest technology achievements that help to fulfill their mission.

For those who want to broaden their skills we will conduct workshops that will cover use of popular tools such as WordPress, Photoshop, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Trello and many more.

we love our work

We are typical IT nerds with huge enthusiasm for the things we are doing daily. We believe our work for nonprofits
has a truly positive impact on their goals and further to support they are giving to the World.

Who For

Are you a nonprofit organization with a big dream, but rather poor IT setup? Well, we decided to give you technology and skills that will support you within your objectives. There is no closed list of those whom we will help. There are no borders for our initiative. Get on board. Contact us and share your story. We would like to know where you're coming from but more importantly where you're going to. Not only it is nice to get to know each other when it comes to making something great together. By knowing your dream destination, we can put your initiative on the right trip.