About Us

our mission

  • We want to help organizations that do not have a penny for new technologies nor for skilled personnel
  • We want to make new technologies useful for nonprofits, stimulate growth and support management of staff, resources or projects
  • We want to increase awareness of possibilities each organization has in the field of new technologies
  • We want to build a knowledge base where nonprofits could search for solutions to use with minimum effort and for free

idea + design + development =


Our energy and time put together to work things out for you


To make the process as smooth and easy as possible


Along with IT skills we are going to share a good mood


Our ultimate goal - to be supportive

Our Interests

You can rely on us in these areas
  • infrastructure - we love the speed of cloud on SSD

  • html/css - essential to handle any web development tasks

  • javascript - there is no website without it behind the scenes

  • graphic design - we can help nonprofits to stand out

  • php - the language of WordPress is a must these days

  • seo optimization - we will let them find you

we love our work

'People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It'. So we do what we are good at - we put together IT and marketing skills to back up the ones who do impossible every single day. NGOs we aim to help often lack funds, staff and state aid, but they still see the point. We come from different backgrounds, have all kinds of day jobs, we speak different languages, but we too see the point in helping others.

social enterprise

We find it a natural consequence of our efforts to become a legal body. The company who will deliver free IT to nonprofits while funding them from own web design and development activities. This will help us to work with other organizations and allow us to involve more volunteers. We want to grow. We want to keep our initiative on the right way.