The Project

our core services

The main goal of our initiative is to provide nonprofit organizations with free and powerful web infrastructure along with web development and support so they can run their projects.

We provide fast and scalable VPS server, required tools and apps, performance and uptime monitoring.


On a daily basis, we cover any issue with the functionality or availability of resources. We act as a team.

web development

Every organization receives help when it comes to the way how their website looks and behaves.


We prevent from unwanted guests digging the servers or changing code. Suspicious situations are monitored.


For interested, we prepare a technical workshops that will cover use of popular web technologies and tools.

seo & marketing

We boost up the web presence of organizations in cooperation with designers or branding specialists.


01. setup

We setup enterprise-class stability and performance Virtual Private Servers as well as all the required web applications and tools that make our work easier and automated in some areas. Our configuration is powerful enough to handle up to 1000 users in a minute.

In order to provide resources to users with no downtime, we setup full 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure. We keep an eye on performance, behavior, CPU load, memory or disk usage.

While setting up infrastructure we take care of prevention from most of the known ways to attack. Any suspicious situations are monitored and unwanted users banned.


02. development

Every organization receives help when it comes to the way how their website looks and behaves. We are making several tests to discover potential issues for further optimization. This can be changed to improve UX or SEO, performance, code to fix bugs or content.

Having graphic designers on board, we will help organizations to become more recognizable across the web. We will spend some time on their brand and visual part of their initiative.

We keep for you complete records of each project, including test environments, frequent backups, GIT repositories for version control, changelogs, error logging and much more.


03. support

Organizations will receive a care that covers any issue with functionality of infrastructure or availability of resources. We will also give a guidance about how to use latest technology achievements that help to fulfill their mission.

For those who wants to broaden their skills we will conduct workshops that will cover use of popular tools such as WordPress, Photoshop, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Trello and many more.

We are working closely and our support is far beyond the administrator or developer activities. We become a team when it comes to do something great together.

how to start

It's very simple. Most suitable way for us is to fill that form. You can also drop us a line using contact form on this website or send email directly to We will respond with more details and sketch further steps based on your needs. That is why we would like to ask you to describe at best your past and current experiences with IT care and web development, as well as your expectations in those areas.

our work process

We understand that organizations face different problems with their setup or resources. We used to work with each nonprofit separately, taking into consideration their specifics.
01. discussion

We discuss the specific needs that every organization has and agree the scope of our work.

02. test

We make several tests of old resources to discover gaps, issues or bugs that can be fixed.

03. development

It's time spent on development and implementation of fixes, each task is discussed and accepted.

04. release

We move updated code to live stage and make verification to be sure that everything works fine.